Our 2015-2016 Season! Thank you Jesse and Ilana!

12308353_1061776173866694_4717870591997174968_nThank you Jesse Barrett for collaborating with us this season!  Here’s a photo from our November 2015 concert at Piedmont Piano Co.




Maybeck2016Ilana Matfis joined us for concerts at Old First in January, Maybeck in March, and Piedmont Center for the Arts in April!  We had a blast!




Thank you Omid and Stacey!

We had a blast PREMIERING Omid Zoufonoun’s “Shadow Play” on Sat. 12/13/14!  What a great concert full of energy and excitement at the Trinity Chamber Concert Series!  Thank you Stacey Pelinka for joining us on the Bach Trisonata and the Lakme!  DCStacey


Thank you to our dear friend- superb and talented cellist Dawn Foster-Dodson!  We had a blast performing in the Recital Hall at the SF Conservatory.  We performed the Trio for Flute, Cello, and Piano by Ned Rorem, written in 1960.  What a great event!   DCDawn